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09242020 school metrics
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08112020 case count revised with recoveries
09242020 case count
09242020 rolling average

March & April case count rolling averageMay case count rolling averageJune case count rolling average  • July case count rolling averageAugust case count rolling average

Total tests processed by September 24: 10,278

Klamath County population: 68,238 (2019 US Census Bureau estimate)

Percent of population tested: 15.06%

09242020 testing

April testing numbersMay testing numbersJune testing numbersJuly testing numbersAugust testing numbers

Cases to date: 280

Total tests processed by September 24: 10,278

Percent of tests positive: 2.72%

Deaths: 2

Percent of cases ending in death: 0.714%

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