Woodstove grant program

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Klamath County Public Health (KCPH) has opened more opportunities to fund the replacement of inefficient woodstoves in Klamath County.

In Klamath Falls KCPH is seeking proposals from homeowners to change-out woodstoves for non-wood burning heat sources. Meanwhile in Chiloquin, KCPH is seeking proposals from homeowners to change out woodstoves for certified low emission woodstove heat sources.

For more information call 541.882.8846 or email kcph@klamathcounty.org.


Woodstove grant program application

Woodstove grant program application in Spanish

Klamath Falls materials

Klamath Falls woodstove grant (overview)

Klamath Falls woodstove grant overview in Spanish

Sample Klamath Falls letter of agreement

Chiloquin materials

Chiloquin woodstove grant (overview)

Sample Chiloquin letter of agreement